Formulation Development

create powder, solid dose, softgel and other delivery form concept prototypes, using industry trends and client criteria


Novel Ingredient Research

Identifying trademarked, patented and clinically supported condition specific ingredients that add marketing value to existing and new formulas


Retail Food and Supplement Brand Management

North American Digital and Brick-n-Mortar Retail ie RANGEme, SPINS, conventional  Distribution model (Kehe/UNFI, and other alternative specialty distributor options). Environmental sustainability and private equity funding are specialties as well.

See below list of services offered that can assist in mapping out the right strategy and ascendance for your brand:

Support with choosing an appropriate partner for your Amazon platform.

Support with social media ie Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok

Support with RANGEme, a source to navigate retailer calendar review schedules by category.

Support with planning what regions and retailers to position your brand with.

Support with Minority owned company requirements and certification.

Support with preparing private equity groups and retail brands alike for the process and timing consumed by the prevailing retail distribution model.

Support with managing the AP and AR demands of retailers and distributors.

Support with identifying alternative regional distributor opportunities.

Support with managing fee schedule and chargebacks within retail distributor models.

Support with organizing and working annualized national industry events and retailer or distributor specific events.

Support with organizing and managing advertising and merchandising spend, and demo services.

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Supply Chain coordination

Coordinating with Brands and GMP manufacturers to uncover best options based upon delivery form, geography, minimums, pricing.



Offering unique testing, ie Full Spectrum/GMID, Method Development, Tested Clean. Audit compliance to FDA/Food CFR 21 Part 110 and FDA/Dietary Supplements CFR 21 Part 111.