Formulation Development

create powder, solid dose, softgel and other delivery form concept prototypes, using industry trends and client criteria

Novel Ingredient Research

identifying trademarked, patented and clinically supported ingredients that add marketing value to existing and new formulas

Support Sales within Distribution Channels and Retail

b2b, b2c, brick-n-mortar, Amazon, direct response, MLM, cross-border (China), etc.

Market Data & Competitive Brand Research

determine top competitive brands by product category and channel of distribution, while identifying competitive landscape.

Support Supply Chain (Ingredients, Co-Manufacturers)

identifying, matching up, and supporting Brands and Co-man with supply partners, based upon delivery form, geography, volume, minimum order quantity and other variables


Offering unique testing, ie Tested Clean, Full Spectrum, Method Development. Audit compliance to FDA/Food CFR 21 Part 110 and FDA/Dietary Supplements CFR 21 Part 111.