Formulation Development

create powder, solid dose, softgel and other delivery form concept prototypes, using industry trends and client criteria


Business Development/Sales

Direct day to day sales resources and efforts throughout North America and abroad.

Expanded network of Brands, Contract Manufacturers, Executive level contacts.

Adept with financial and operational activities

Internal communication

Manage formulation project flow

Coordinate Logistics, Quality, Product development efforts

Execute NDA’s, MOU's, Supply and Quality agreements.

Effectively align management information tools with sales team

Novel Ingredient Research

Identifying trademarked, patented and clinically supported condition specific ingredients that add marketing value to existing and new formulas


Retail Food and Supplement Brand Management

North American Digital and Brick-n-Mortar Retail blueprint and coordination. Working with tools such as RANGEme, SPINS, conventional Distribution models, ie Kehe/UNFI, and other alternative regional and category specific specialty distributor options. Assistance with Environmental and private equity funding are specialties goals as well.

See below list of services offered that can assist in mapping out the right strategy and ascendance for your brand:

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Supply Chain coordination

Coordinating with Brands and GMP manufacturers to uncover best options based upon delivery form, geography, minimums, pricing.



Offering research-based testing and methodology. Audit compliance to FDA/Food CFR 21 Part 110 and FDA/Dietary Supplements CFR 21 Part 111.